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Pre-Qualification Certificate

Complete details

Your pre-qualification does not obligate you to take out a bond.  It will assist you in determining what bond amount you qualify for so that you can shop for the perfect property with peace of mind.

Complete certificate details

  • Your Home Loan Pre-qualification Certificate

    Congratulations! You have made the smart choice to clarify your buying power through Peyper Bonds. This certificate confirms that we have undertaken a preliminary assessment of your ability to qualify for a home loan, based on the information provided by you.

    The indicative value shown in this certificate is subject to changes in the prime lending rate, bank lending criteria and your financial position.

    Based on your disposable income calculated from the information provided by you in regard to your financial position, you should qualify for the following at the current prime lending rate:
  • Loan Amount
  • Payment Term
  • Please note that if the bank requires a deposit, the home loan amount that you may qualify for will be reduced by the deposit amount.

    The home loan amount that you may qualify for will also be reduced should your home loan be approved at an interest rate that is above the current prime lending rate.

    The table below provides you with an indicative value of the home loan that you may qualify for should the bank approve your loan at an interest rate that is above the current prime lending rate.
  • Interest RatePrequalified Loan Amount 
  • *The home loan amount does not include the property transfer and bond registration costs.

    What's next?

    The next step is finding the home of your dreams and asking us to assist with the formal bond application to the banks. The final application will be subject to each bank`s application granting requirements, as required by the National Credit Act.

    The bank may require you to pay a deposit that could typically range between 5% and 20% of the purchase price.

    Additionally, depending on the bank’s assessment of your credit profile and the other factors, a lesser amount may be granted than the amount shown above.

    As part of our service offering, we will negotiate a competitive interest rate for your home loan from the bank.

    This could result in you qualifying for an increased loan amount as the home loan amount shown above may be recalculated, taking into account, any interest rate concession negotiated by us on your behalf.

    Protect your precious possessions

    Once you purchased your home, it will be important to protect your investment. Property Protector Financial Services (PPFS) has the solutions and expertise to protect your property and belongings.

    The PPFS Protector Range offers both building and bond cover for your complete peace of mind. PPFS products offer you choice, flexibility, value for money and, above all, convenience. Let their experts evaluate your position objectively and resolve your insurance and assurance needs.

    Get the best chance of bond approval with Peyper Bonds.

    Please contact me as soon as you have signed an Agreement of Sale for your new home so that I can begin the process of securing approval of your home loan.

    We advise you to consider making the sale agreement subject to the granting of your home loan, and your legal advisor or estate agent can assist with this.

    Should your financial position change, for example salary, monthly retail commitments, household expenditure etc. kindly contact me so that I may reassess your affordability and issue you with an updated Prequalification Certificate.

    This Prequalification Certificate should be renewed at least every 3 months.

    It has been my pleasure to be of service to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions relating to your home loan application.
  • Peyper Bonds Finance Expert

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